Why NOT to Believe in Soulmates…

Lisa Erickson​ is one of my favourite mystics. Once again her and my opinion converge on the subject of the elusive ‘soul-mate’. As always a very good read indeed. Enjoy!

Mommy Mystic

I hear a lot about soulmates in my line of work, as in, ‘when will my soulmate show up?’ Or ‘She must not be my soulmate because….’ Or ‘But he’s my soulmate so….’

Over the years I have actually come to see the entire idea of soulmates as very problematic, especially for women, so at one point I did a lot of research on how this idea originated. I turned to classic teachings on karma and relationships from all the world’s major spiritual traditions, and could not find a lot of support for the idea. Ancient Greek philosopher Plato seems to have been the first to use the term, but that was in the context of an allegory that could be considered a creation story; it was not a teaching on karma or relationship. Really the idea of soulmates is a modern idea – a Western one that has combined…

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Light my fire

I could never describe the journey through the SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA as well as Tina does…a truly masterful piece.

Seven intentions

Energetically, physically, emotionally and mentally, we are all powerful, radiant beings. However, we may not always be living from a place where we accept and radiate our own power. Sometimes we may feel like it would be easier not to have to interact and bargain and state our worth to people at all. Sometimes we may give in and accept less than we’re worth. These are all symptoms of an under-active solar plexus chakra. Natalie Southgate

When I left my marriage seven years ago, I was a shivering mess of a woman. In fact, I should say shivering mess of a girl rather than a woman, even though I was well into my thirties.

All my life I had given my power to others, thinking everyone else knew better for me than I did, mostly because they told me that, but also I had never outgrown that childish irresponsibility of…

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The vagus nerve, emotions and the difficulty with mindfulness practices

I offer CHAKRADANCE as a moving meditation and healing modality. One wears a blindfold in order to access one’s inner world and then creates spontaneous movement to chakra-specific music. (In Applied Kinesiology it is believed that memories are stored in the body- in muscles and the nerves that act as messengers) During the dance one accesses the untold stories – the subconscious – and bringing the stories into the conscious realm, where the emotional charge the story holds is released. The story is not analysed, nor interpreted – it is simply acknowledged. This article by TRACY A. ANDREWS, Acupuncturist, on the talk given by Bessel van der Kolk on May 2011 22nd Annual International Trauma Conference, discussing the vagus nerve is surely a very helpful bit of information when understanding the complexities of therapy and traumatic emotion. Mind>>>Body>>>Spirit.

healing from the freeze

“Now, many people who don’t know a lot about trauma think that trauma has something to do with something that happened to you a long time ago. In fact, the past is the past and the only thing that matters is what happens right now. And what is trauma is the residue that a past event leaves in your own sensory experiences in your body and it’s not that event out there that becomes intolerable but the physical sensations with which you live that become intolerable and you will do anything to make them go away.”

Last week, during a two-day deep cleaning/paint prep binge (see the kitchen ceiling to the right!), I listened to a recorded talk by Bessel van der Kolk given at the May 2011 22nd Annual International Trauma Conference. The title of van der Kolk’s title is a mouthful: “Putting neuroplasticity into clinical practice with neurofeedback: rewiring…

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Chakra Levels – Part 1 of a Series

Lisa writes clearly and simply on the subject of chakras. I share her view of chakras being ‘maps’ we use to access our conscious transformation. Rational and enjoyable reading.

Mommy Mystic

chakrahandsEverything you see has its roots in the unseen world. Its form may change yet the essence remains the same. ~ Rumi

This is the first post in a series in which I will focus on working with the different levels of the chakras. In this post I’ll explain what I mean by levels, and the model I’ll be using, and then I’ll write more detailed posts on each level and how to work with them for the rest of this series.

Many modern chakra teachings focus on methods for ‘opening’ or ‘clearing’ the chakras, and while this can be very useful, it really provides just a glimpse of the many ways we might work with our subtle body. Chakra systems map the intersection between body, mind, and spirit – they allow us to navigate the flow of energies between these levels of our being. These mappings provide guideposts for…

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Starry, starry dreamtime

Tina Davidson captures the essence of Imagination and Spirit.

Seven intentions


Modern physics is describing what the ancient wisdom keepers of the Americas have long known. These shamans, known as the ‘Earthkeepers’ say that we are dreaming the world into being through the very act of witnessing it. Scientists believe that we are only able to do this in the very small subatomic world. Shamans understand that we also dream the larger world that we experience with our senses. Alberto Villoldo

Space. The final frontier… to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before. Captain James T. Kirk

I’ve made no secret of the fact that when I started exploring the third eye chakra, this Star Trek sound byte was my in. I think it was Patrick Stewart’s dulcet tones, and the the vision of infinite space, of an starry indigo sky, and that sense of endless possibilities. Space has always…

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Life is finite. That’s all that is. Finite-ness.

Life is finite. That’s all that is. Finite-ness. The body and the soul die. They also live. They breathe they think they eat, drink, have sex and children…and then ‘they’ die. It is a mystery to me that Earthlings believe that they have some extraordinary ‘destiny’. Is it not enough that a life well lived is destiny – enough?


MommyMystic (Lisa) is an awesome sharer. She talks sense and she offers tools that are immediately useful and soothing 🙂

Mommy Mystic

Below are the guided chakra walkthroughs that I mentioned in the 21 Ways to Care for Your Sacral Chakra post, plus a couple extra. You may also want to check out the audio files that I made to accompany my E-book on healing from sexual trauma, as many of the sacral chakra meditations included in that may also be done outside that program. If you are new to the chakras, you may want to check out my Chakra Guide Series and/or my Chakra Booklist.

A few notes:

– The reason I wanted to do these as recordings is so that a transmission can occur, which is how most of us best learn this stuff – connecting mind to mind, beyond language. I am doing the techniques as I talk, and the idea is that this will help you better connect to your own chakras. Although I also talk

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